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About "CPR" Home Inventory

Critical Possesion Recovery Founder Catherine Bowmaster of Guelph Ontario Critical Possesion Recovery's (CPR) founder Catherine Bowmaster’s of Guelph Ontario is commited to quality and detail. Her professional work ethics have lead to a successful career of nearly 30 years in a highly organized manufacturing environment. When that employer chose to relocate to another country, she was anxious to make a new start involving something that would benefit others, and to utilize her work ethics and organizational skills.

"CPR" began as a home inventory service in the Waterloo-Wellington area following two separate encounters - one with a stranger and another with a close friend. The first encounter was bumping into a gentleman at a hardware store who had just lost his home to fire following a lightning strike. All he was left with was his TV remote! The second was with a friend, a partner in a highly successful insurance brokerage, who lost his entire home and possessions on Christmas Day to fire. Both were unprepared for the proof-of-ownership documentation and memory recall necessary to file a claim with their insurance company.

After doing more research, Catherine found out that, according to CBC Marketplace, every 23 minutes a home in Canada catches fire, and a Canadian home is broken into every three minutes. Alarming statistics backed by Stats Canada who cites that more than one-half (56%) of break-ins were committed in residences, about one-third (31%) in businesses. (The remaining 13% occurred in other areas such as garden sheds and schools). Catherine looked at her own property and realized she too would be woefully unprepared should disaster strike.

Critical Possesion Recovery was born shortly after with the assistance of her husband, Daniel who is acting Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. The company is licensed and bonded and headquartered in Guelph, Ontario.. Catherine is committed to assisting her clients in a quick and painless process which will facilitate faster and easier recovery or replacement of their hard-earned possessions!

Would you be prepared to recite all your possesions to your insurance company? If not, the first step is to have Critical Possesion Recovery complete your home inventory or business inventory as soon as possible. Learn how to take this important first step on our services page.

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